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Build a Tesla business with the Be(a)st solution.

Whether you're looking to launch or grow a Tesla rental business with your own brand, optimize your operations, streamline payments, or enhance user experience – BeastOS will entirely transform your Tesla business management experience forever.

Industry’s Highest Satisfaction & Safety Rates

We've proudly served over 4 million kilometers while maintaining an exceptional 4.8/5 satisfaction rate from end-users for the past 3 years. We prioritize safety and fraud prevention through robust features including driver's license verification and biometric authentication check-ups to ensure safety for both renters and operators.

  • Run B2C, B2B and P2P operations with your own brand 📈 
  • No IoT/OBD devices required 🧰
  • Go to market fast 🚀
Grow Exponentially

Boost Revenue with Seamless UX

Smooth User Onboarding

BeastOS provides a simplified onboarding process with user-friendly guidelines for an awesome experience from the very first click.

Integrated Tesla Controls

Allow customers to effortlessly manage their experience using native Tesla features such as Lock/Unlock Doors, Enable Drive Mode, Start AC, and Open Frunk/Trunk, among others, giving them complete control at their fingertips.

Easy Language Localization

Manage existing languages and add more with ease. BeastOS supports multiple languages, making it simple for everyone to navigate and enjoy the app in their preferred language.

B2C, B2B and P2P

Expand Your Offerings with Ease

We support all your customer profile needs, whether dealing with direct consumers, businesses, or peer-to-peer interactions.

Instant Rentals

Everyone wants smooth experiences:
→ Open the app, rent a vehicle, get in ⏱️


→ No physical handover required: Just deliver the vehicle at the booked location 📍
→ Passionately enjoyed by airport travellers ✈️
→ Enable the international travel option – our systems support starting & ending in different locations and countries 🌍


→ Automated subscription rentals 🗓️
For full service rental offerings or just those who want to rent for longer.


→ World's first premium P2P solution via Tesla SSO 🤝
Grow your fleet by sharing revenue or profits with private owners & other businesses.




million kilometers


tonnes of CO₂ avoided

The Only Dashboard You Need

Manage Everything in One Place

Enhance your operational efficiency and gain comprehensive oversight with our intuitive Operational Dashboard, designed to provide a complete view of fleet operations.

  • Fleet Management Tasks
    A modernized way to manage all fleet related tasks and assign them to the right team members to maintain smooth and reliable service.
  • Real-time Vehicle Status Monitoring
    Provide confidence with real-time oversight on each vehicle's status, ensuring timely and informed decisions and outstanding service reliability.
  • Vehicle Condition Overview Tabs
    Enable detailed monitoring of vehicle conditions during each rental, helping to effectively manage fleet health and enable quick maintenance actions.
  • Comprehensive Analytics
    Leverage advanced analytics to make data-driven decisions that optimize fleet performance and boost profitability
No paperwork, no keys, rent a Tesla with ease

Control Payments Conveniently

Safe Deposit Features

The BeastOS automatic deposit system safeguards your payments and mitigates risks by adding a crucial layer of security to service transactions.

Stripe Integrations

We've built comprehensive Stripe integrations to enable rapid and secure payment processing, maintaining smooth and reliable financial operations on a global scale.

Apple & Google Pay

Customers enjoy fast, simple, and delightful transactions using Google and Apple Pay, ensuring a hassle-free payment experience.

Dashboard Management

Efficiently oversee and manage all details via the dashboard, which provides a comprehensive overview and direct control of each user, vehicle, rental, and payment status.

Easily Engage with Customers

Accelerate Growth Like Never Before

Use our in-app gamification tools to naturally boost word-of-mouth referrals and increase app downloads. Connect with users through meaningful notifications and news updates, adjusting content based on their language, location, and/or loyalty. Expand your efforts by utilizing additional external tools, such as Branch, for further user data and ads analysis.

  • Organic Growth Features
  • Quality Engagement Options
  • Scale-Up Support
Comprehensive, fair, and transparent



One-Time Setup Fee +
€99 +VAT
per Vehicle, per Month
  • Onboarding
  • Brand Configuration
  • Base Integrations
  • Data Migration
  • App Store Listings
  • Full Functionality of Rental App
  • Fleet Management
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Marketing Tools
  • Safety & Security Functions
  • Ongoing Feature and Infrastructure Upgrades

BeastOS Enterprise

>500 Vehicles
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Custom Terms Applicable
  • Onboarding
  • Brand Configuration
  • Base Integrations
  • Data Migration
  • App Store Listings
  • Full Functionality of Rental App
  • Fleet Management
  • Comprehensive Analytics
  • Marketing Tools
  • Safety & Security Functions
  • Ongoing Feature and Infrastructure Upgrades
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